The main principles of the Compliance within JPPMPL: JPPMPL is committed to developing its business on a sustainable way and wants to lead by example. To achieve this sustainable journey, Compliance with law is a fundamental duty of any organization and an essential part of their Social Responsibility. The first step to be “Corporate Responsible” is to ensure the Compliance with JPPMPL regulation framework. JPPMPL Code of Ethics establishes what the pillars of the Compliance within JPPMPL are:

General Business Integrity.

Integrity is the main principle to be respected toward our employees and our clients. JPPMPL must act professionally with them, without consideration for race, nationality, sex, age, handicap or any other distinctive trait.

No bribery or corruption.

JPPMPL is totally against any form of corruption or dishonest or illegal practice with the aim of obtaining a commercial advantage or other such advantage, whether directly or indirectly (i.e. in case of assistance of intermediaries), in any country, and is also against any form of money laundering.

Fair Competition.

JPPMPL treats its customers, suppliers, partners and intermediaries with respect and will not take unfair advantage of, nor take part directly or indirectly in an agreement, understanding or concerted practice which would contravene the applicable laws and regulations concerning anti-competitive practices.

No conflict of interest.

Decisions taken by JPPMPL employees within their professional activity are taken objectively and impartially in the interest of JPPMPL and not in the employee’s own interest, whether financial or personal, whether material or immaterial.

Protection of JPPMPL assets – No Fraud.

Misappropriation of resources, manipulation of assets, data protection breach, or wrong financial reporting may constitute fraud and are thus forbidden: they may lead to sanctions from JPPMPL.

Protection of confidentiality – Insider information.

Information, wherever it is handled or stored, needs to be protected from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure and destruction. Day after day, those pillars lead JPPMPL to structure its Compliance strategy to be deployed worldwide, toward each employee and other stakeholders.